Terms and Conditions for Short Courses

1) These courses are non-accredited courses; they are not validated to carry any University (National Qualification Framework) credits. These courses are stand-alone single module courses, they do not lead to a higher qualification such as a degree. If you do wish to use these courses towards another qualification at a different University you may be able to via AP(E)L (Accredited Prior Experiential Learning), but you should check with the other Institution as to whether these courses are acceptable.

2) Registration for one of these distance learning courses does not include full Liverpool John Moores University registered student status and therefore you will not be eligible to use the University library systems or any of the other University facilities. Access to these systems would not be possible for international students, and we need to ensure that all students are treated equally. You would not be able to obtain a student loan or council tax reduction for taking these courses.

3) You are responsible for submitting your assignments by the correct deadline. If you need to arrange an extension for personal/medical reasons, please contact us prior to the assignment deadline. We cannot accept late work without a pre-arranged extension. Unless notified otherwise, you will receive your marks and feedback for submitted assignments within three weeks of the submission deadline.

4) You will have access to the online materials for the duration of the course (from the start date until one month after the final assignment deadline). At the end of the course, if you wish, you can be provided with a DVD containing the finalised course notes and the lecture videos for your future reference.

5) You will also have access to the forums for the duration of the course. It is your responsibility to check the forums regularly for postings regarding the assignments and end of course test. Please do not post any defamatory, offensive or illegal material to the forums. If you do so, we may suspend or withdraw your access to the course materials. Illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities.



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